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Alpha Locksmith is a mobile operation. We bring the shop to your door. Keys are originated and duplicated in the van. We keep a supply of locks in different finishes to match your existing hardware. Have a special finish? Special orders are our specialty. 

Rekey locks. When you move into a new house, condo, apartment, or new office, you should have the locks rekeyed so the former folks no longer have access to your space. It is so much easier to have one key that fits all the locks to your home. Why carry a bunch of keys for all the doors?

Install locks. Anybody can install a lock: Alpha Locksmith provides security. When your roof leaks, you wouldn’t call an electrician. When you want the lock to be installed properly, that it will work smoothly, and make it hard for someone to defeat the lock, we can do it.  We make it look like it grew out of the door, and it looks good when installed. Remember, you are the one who will be operating and looking at the lock from now on.

Repair locks. Every once in a while something doesn’t work just right with a lock, but folks just overlook the problem until something breaks. Maybe the key is hard to insert, maybe the key is hard to turn, and maybe the door is hard to open. Most folks wait until something breaks and then call for help. Or worse, a breach of security occurs because of a faulty item that could have been fixed when first identified. Alpha Locksmith wants your hardware to operate smoothly and properly every time, so you don’t have to worry about a lock failure. When the rare lock failure does occur, we are ready to repair first, and replace if necessary.

Not just locks. We offer and install panic devices, push bars, door closers, large peep holes, kick plates, just about anything to enhance the total door opening.

Locked out? Alpha Locksmith provides emergency residential and commercial service for you. We also have key hiders, key vaults, and keyless entry locks for your convenience.
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