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Most building owners/store managers issue keys to their employees to either open or close the business, and think that the premises is secure.  But if those keys can be duplicated at the nearby hardware store, then a false sense of security exists.

There are many situations where security can be compromised: let’s look at a few.

“Joe” is given a key to lock up at night.  He’s a little forgetful, sometimes misplaces the key, and figures if he had another copy, he could always have a backup.  When someone finds his hiding spot for the spare key, your security is compromised.  If he terminates employment for any reason, he will turn in one key and keep the other, so he can come back at a vulnerable time (he does know the layout and your schedule) and you wind up with less inventory or compromised information.

“Mary” works for you and her boyfriend has been eying the building.  He ‘borrows’ her car, which has the company key on the key ring, gets another made at the local mall kiosk, and has free reign over your building.

One good way to protect your building and control your keys is with a patented protected key system that prevents unauthorized duplication without your permission.  Copies of your key can only be obtained through authorized dealers, and then only with an authorization card and a signature.  Every duplication is recorded, providing an audit trail and virtually eliminating the possibility of new or additional keys getting into the wrong hands.  These systems also provide good pick resistance.  That’s important now that the Internet has sites teaching anyone how to pick locks.

To find out about a good key control system, call your local locksmith.  Make sure the locksmith is a member of a state or national organization.  Membership lets you know that the locksmith is keeping up with the latest trends in the security industry.  The Associated Locksmiths of America performs testing for certification.  Your locksmith can also perform a security check on your building, identifying areas that may need upgrading.

The security of your building and your home is important to you.  Your local locksmith can provide that peace of mind that you deserve.

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