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Since 1992 Alpha Locksmith has provided the kind of service that creates loyal customers.

Originally located on Martha’s Vineyard Island we relocated to E. Hampstead in the spring of 2007.

Specializing in residential and commercial locksmith services, Alpha Locksmith has the expertise and desire to provide superior products and workmanship for your home and company. One of the many benefits of working with Alpha Locksmith is the range of options we can provide for your particular security problem. Each facility is different, and one solution does not fit all applications.

We are a good source of information for ways to make you family and business more secure. Give us a call if you have questions regarding your residence or business locksmith needs.

We can also provide information about the American Disabilities Act, ADA.

Anyone can install a lock: Alpha Locksmith provides security.

Contact Information:
Alpha Locksmith

Some of our customers have included:

Sanborn Regional High School, Kingtson, NH

Town of Hampstead, NH

Town of Newton, NH

Hampstead Hospital, NH

Dukes County Jail, MA,

Charlotte Inn, Edgartown, MA

Michael J. Fox

Carly Simon

MV Hospital

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