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When requested to open a house or business, Alpha Locksmith will adhere to the following policy, established by The Associated Locksmiths of America, (ALOA).  Alpha Locksmith is a member of ALOA and the Massachusetts Locksmiths Association.

Notify Caller – when a call comes requesting keys by code or lockout services, ask the caller if they have identification and authority to order the key or open the lock.

Complete form – When the customer arrives to pick up code keys or upon arrival at the job site, an Authorization form should be completed asking for name, address, phone number, Photo ID (driver’s license), and property description.

Verify ID – Verify the customer’s photo identification card and compare it with the information provided by the customer. 

Verify Authority – Alpha Locksmith will inquire as to what authority the customer has to order the key or open the lock, and request to see any reasonable and appropriate evidence that would warrant the authority.

Ask for Signature – The customer should sign the authorization form, and the signature should match that of the ID presented.  The authorization form will be filed for a minimum of three years.

Optional Last Resort – If Alpha Locksmith has any suspicions that the customer is giving false information or does not have the authority to order the code key or open the lock, then Alpha Locksmith has the right to refuse service and notify law enforcement.

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