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Most people are not aware that their home or business could be subject to a break-in. There are many easy steps you can take to reduce the chance of break-ins or other forms of theft, making your premises safer for employees and customers. Most of the following steps can be taken without breaking the bank.

* Thefts are often planned well in advance. If any suspicious activity is noticed, police should be notified.

* Keep bushes trimmed around doors and windows.  You don’t want someone to linger or hide there.

* After dusk, perimeter and in-store lighting should be increased. Adequate lighting is perhaps the most effective crime-deterrent solution. It helps your customers enter your business easier, too.

*Never count cash in sight of customers or temporary employees.

*Allow only employees to storage areas, offices, or other restricted areas.

*Observe suspicious customers until they leave the premises.

*Bank deposits should be made during daylight hours. When night deposits are made, park close to the door before exiting with money, check out the parking lot before leaving the building, and call police is suspicious persons are nearby.

*During off hours, merchandise should be moved away from windows. This will deter smash and grab crimes.

*The store manager should keep careful records of which employees have keys to the building and to secure areas. Also, the manager should know who has access to system alarm codes.

*Locks should be changed (rekeyed) often so former employees do not retain access to the building.

*Contact your local locksmith for any additional questions or procedures that you may have.

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