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Would you like one key to open all the doors for your home, garage and shed?

We provide a security survey with you. We offer a wide variety of door knobs to match hardware to your interior and exterior decor and maintain the hardware.

Are your windows locked? Are your sheds padlocked using the same key as your home?

Would you like a push button entry for your family to use instead of needing keys? Keyless entry?

We are ADA Specialists, American Disabilities Act. Do you have stiff joints and/or other medical issues that could be eased with the installation of different hardware?

In today’s world you want to be sure your home is secure.  Deadbolts should be installed to make it more difficult for uninvited guests to enter. This should be done in a manner to make it easy for folks inside to exit quickly if the need be.  Alpha locksmith will advise you as to the best way for you to secure your home.  

Do you need a safe to protect your important documents, jewelry or coin collection from fire and theft? Alpha Locksmith can suggest and install a unit to meet your needs whether it be one in the wall or bolted securely to a floor or wall to prevent thieves from taking it with them.  

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